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About Us – Robert & Makzy

Let me introduce us – Robert and Makzy, and how we became business partners at Team Robert & Makzy.

Robert’s Story

My interest in Internet Marketing started when my good friend Sue invited me along to a Mark Anastasi seminar in London back in 2009 and I was captivated by what I learned and the huge opportunities presented to me.

A few false starts followed, including building 242 websites that Google managed to trash in a single day with their infamous Panda update, banning my Google Adsense account in the process.

(just when I thought I’d cracked this making money online thing with my first $300+ month)

A couple of years later, I met Makzy at a “build your own website business” workshop in London.

And, although neither of us got the results we wanted from the workshop, we kept in contact to share ideas, tips and successes.

In early 2014, Makzy asked me to help him with a new project and this started our business partnership – Team Robert & Makzy.

(Even though our homes are 60 miles apart, that’s like “just down the road” in this global internet marketplace.)

Together, we built our first 6 figure affiliate marketing business with one simple traffic strategy and promoting Low Ticket (low priced) products.

I got to thinking “how do we move our business up to the next level”.

“How can we use the same simple strategies yet multiply our results x10…”

It was at the Entrepreneurs Bootcamp 2015 in Brighton UK where I finally saw the light.

This event was one of those multi-speaker pitch fests and probably one of the worst I’ve ever been to – with a succession of speakers telling their life story and then pitching their product or training course.

(At least in the old days they would teach you something before trying to sell to you!)

I knew most of the speakers and had seen them multiple times before, some of them I could have done their pitch for them ‘cos I’ve seen them churn out the same stories repeatedly for many years – and I’d already discounted their products.

Then this one guy came on and he spoke about High Ticket Affiliate Marketing…

You know when you get that A-Ha moment…

As soon as he had finished his presentation, I left the hall and got straight on the phone to Makzy.

“I’ve found it”

“I’ve found the solution we’ve been searching for”

And now starts the next chapter of Team Robert & Makzy.

Want to join us?

It all starts with a free Book written by one of our multiple 8 figure mentors who we spent a whole week with, picking every last detail out of his brain!

Importantly, it covers all the “do’s and don’ts” of Affiliate Marketing that are invaluable if you are really serious about building a profitable online business.

You can get your free copy by Clicking Here

Robert Aitchison and Makzy Majnusz